Enjoy 50% Discount when you register for Zenclouds.

In conjunction with Zenclouds launching, we are proud to announce that Zenclouds is offering a 50% discounts for those who register to any Zenclouds package starting from 1 August 2011 until 31 August 2011. The discount is entitled for one year period. Means that if you subscribe on 512 Zen package which it normal price is RM120, you just need to pay for RM60 from August 2011 until August 2012. So do not miss an opportunity to grab this discount offer.

NoPackages NamePromotional Price
1256 zen

RM 60

RM 30

2384 zen

RM 75

RM 37.50

3512 zen

RM 120

RM 60

4768 zen

RM 150

RM 75

51GB zen

RM 210

RM 105

61.5GB zen

RM 300

RM 150

72.0GB zen

RM 400

RM 200

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to email support@zenclouds.com or call us at 1300-888-ZEN.