The Zenpipe Manifesto

We can now feel the heat of Malaysia’s General Election. All contesting parties from the beginning have issued their manifesto. Prior to this, we at Zenpipe do not want to miss this opportunity to present our own version of the manifesto.

In accordance with our tagline, Zenpipe Peace of Mind, what we present in our manifesto is nothing but only to ensure that our customers get the maximum peace of mind when they are staying with us.
If you follow us on twitter or check out our Facebook pages, you will be noticed that we have revealed our manifesto one after another since 21st March 2013 (Thursday) last week. After a week, we are now ready to present to you our own version of manifesto called ‘The Zenpipe Manifesto’ with hashtag #zenpipemanifesto activated on twitter.
You can browse to for more fun viewing of The Zenpipe Manifesto or click the image below. Have a nice day!