Zenclouds October Offer!

The Zenclouds offer is back this coming October. Subscribe to any Zenclouds package for a year and you will receive a brand new iPod for FREE!. Upon subscription, your brand new iPod will be sent right to your door within 30 days guaranteed. For new subscribers with registered address in Malaysia, you even entitle for FREE Zenclouds cool T-shirt. So why wait? Hurry up, don't waste more time, this is a limited time offer. Grab your Free iPod now when you subscribe for Zenclouds from 1 October 2011 until 31 October 2011! Check out the Zenclouds package below:

256 Zen720iPod Shuffle + **Zenclouds T-Shirt
384 Zen900iPod Shuffle + **Zenclouds T-Shirt
512 Zen1440iPod Shuffle + **Zenclouds T-Shirt
768 Zen1800iPod Nano + **Zenclouds T-Shirt
1GB Zen2520iPod Nano + **Zenclouds T-Shirt
1.5GB Zen3600iPod Nano + **Zenclouds T-Shirt
2.0GB Zen4800iPod Touch + **Zenclouds T-Shirt


** This offer is limited to subscribers with registered address in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam only.

Kindly refer to Zenclouds website for detail of the Zenclouds Package www.zenclouds.com or click here to register NOW!

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to email support@zenclouds.com or call us at 1-300-888-ZEN (936)