New and improved Zenpipe Web Hosting

We have a vision for Zenpipe web hosting to be the most responsive hosting support in Malaysia and in realizing that vision, dynamic is the key whereby improvements to our product and services will be continuously made. One of the improvements made in the recent month is the use of a 1300 number, which means that all calls, either from mobile or fix line, made within Malaysia will be charged for local call only. This made us as the only web hosting company in Malaysia that uses1300 number to support clients. We also have improved our support page and streamline our order process to make your hosting ready in hours instead of in 1 business day.

We also have further improved our web design that emphasizes on usability and easy information access to our clients. In addition, we also have enhanced our shared hosting package for more storage to reflect our clients’ demand. A few more improvements will made in our reseller and co-location hosting service packages soon. So check out for latest updates from us. We sincerely hope that you’ll like the new improvements and your continuous supports would mean a great deal to us.

One more thing, we have also improved our social media support channel whereby you can query your support using our Twitter page @zenpipe or Facebook page . Doing a research on competitors is important in any business. There’s only a handful of our competitor that using social media to support their clients. To make you see what our competitors social media efforts are, we’ve compile the list below for you to follow and hopefully it would provide you with easy access to your hosting support channel.

Web Hosting Malaysia Twitter Page

Web Hosting Malaysia Facebook Page

This is not the comprehensive list, and some support channel only appear when we’ve search in Google and not on their page. Please let us know, if we miss some web hosting company social media channel.