Domain Crazy Sales II


Domain Crazy Sales from Zenpipe is back! But this time it’s even crazier than before. Buy any .my domain name between 28 May and 7 June 2012 and enjoy an unbelievable price at RM14 only (limited to 5 domain names/customer). Yes! You read it right, RM14 ONLY for any .my domain name but there is a catch. Your domain is only available on June 8th. Why? Because we want you to buy now and enjoy the savings later.
If you missed the 7th June closing date, don’t worry. We have another Crazy Sales for you. From 8 until 22 June 2012, we are offering a RM20 for any .my domain name but this time there is no limitation. You can buy as many .my domain names as you want.
So why wait? Grab your .my domain name now and enjoy the Craziest Sales of all! while you still can.
*Terms & conditions apply.
For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to email or call us at 1300-888-ZEN(936)
Terms & Conditions
* To be entitled for the offer price, please use 'crazy2' as the Promo Code.
* The .my domain names include the followings only and valid for 1 year.
* This offer is valid for new domain name registrations only.
* This offer is valid from 28 May until 22 June 2012.