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Zenpipe Customer Success Story for May 2012 comes with another chosen customer which is This will be difference from our first story, Brainy Young Caliph (BYC), because is a personal blog which not related at all with any business industry. So we present to you, is a personal blog owned by Nawal Shahril. This blog apparently consists of Lifestyle, DIY craft and goals blog. She has been running for four years since 2009.

"Initially, this blog was created to motivate me in reaching all my goals in life. To date, I have about 950 things that I want to do before I die. So basically, my blog is a platform for me to document my steps in achieving all of them. However, recently, I revamped my blog and made it a lifestyle blog where besides updating my goals, it also focuses on DIY arts and crafts, travel pursuits, various events, my spiritual journey and HOW TO's." said Nawal Shahril, the owner of

The demographic target for would be youth and adults aged between 13 and 30 years old who love arts and crafts and in need of motivation. If talking about how this blog is different from others, it would be the concept and the design as they both are unique. Nawal concentrates on topics and features rather than random writings. Her strength lies in her DIY post where she transforms unwanted things into something functional.

To attract more followers or readers to her blog, she also made videos where people could see her animatedly. Besides that, she also plans to giveaway prizes which she thinks would bring more crowds to her blog. Nawal has a big vision in blogging world. "In five years time, my blog will be Malaysia's source of everything funky and artsy. By that time, my blog will reach 1,000,000 page views" she added.

Nawal knew Zenpipe through google search and she has been our customer for more than one year now. This was taken from one of blog entry telling about us, "Just so you know, I had a big help from my server. A massive standing ovation! This company is totally awesome, very helpful and really efficient. Your emails will be dealt almost immediately. If you are thinking of getting a domain name, check out . Hurry! Get your own Domain NOW!"

"I expect Zenpipe would continue its wonderful one to one customer service as I am really happy with their outstanding service. As this would be my first time having a domain name, I was being assisted by your friendly staff and their prompt services amaze me. As a blogger, these helps are definitely precious gems!" - Nawal Shahril, owner of personal blog.